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Sights & Sounds


If you’re like me, you think a good playlist is the answer to everything. I am always on the hunt for my new favorite jam, and find extreme satisfaction in creating unusual groupings of songs. read on

Weeks of Work


This past year, we’ve stayed super busy at Taylor Design. Managing multiple projects, challenges, and deadlines daily can really drain your creativity. In order to help wake my brain up on Mondays (in addition to the mug of coffee), I spend just a minute or so before our weekly status meeting to quickly sketch a simple title design in my lined notebook for that week’s project list. Nothing fancy—it’s just a fast, fun way to kick-off my creative thinking for the week, and I urge you to give it a whirl. Check out this quick flip-through of one of my notebooks for an example (cartoon gnomes and all).

Born in the U.S.C.



There was an interesting letter to the editor in the NY Times last week:

“It is time for the United States to split into two countries, since we have two clashing cultures that are not compatible. The West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington) plus the northern part of the East Coast (New York, New Jersey and New England) should join with Canada to become the United States of Canada. The rest of the country can remain the “United States.” We will petition the Canadian government to accept our representatives and senators into the Canadian Parliament. Problem solved.” – Claire Frankel, New York

Claire, here are a few flag suggestions.

Mid Century Modern for the Holidays



Thanks to my friend Pat who shared this candy creation with me. She knows that I’d appreciate it, since every year I spend hours creating a candy house (pictured below) for the holidays. My houses are nice, but are not in the same league as Melodie Dearden’s replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. This is one of those cases where I say: “I wish I thought of that.”


Building My First PhoneGap App



Continuing your education as a developer is very important if you want to maintain your desirability in the job market, as well as your value to your company. At Taylor Design, we are encouraged to take on new challenges and learn new things to benefit us personally, as well as Taylor Design itself, so I decided to figure out how to build a mobile application. Over the course of a few days and nights, I finally put the finishing touches on version 1.0 of my first app. Read on to find out what I learned, and hopefully some of it will be valuable for other developers looking to build their first app. read on

Brand Strategie



Back in 2013 we created the identity for a new office seating company named Strategie. Then last month the president of the company stopped by our studio with a small problem. He needed communications for the upcoming NeoCon commercial interiors show in Chicago, which was three weeks away. A tall order, but I assured him we could help him out. Our design team (Steve, Justine, and Kellie) tackled multiple projects concurrently, including sales collateral, business cards, signage, banners, and give-aways. Knowing that Strategie was competing against Knoll, Steelcase and other major brands, our solution used the colorful task chairs as the main visuals set in angular patterns. It was a mad dash, but everything crossed the finish line in time for NeoCon, which starts today.

read on

Eat, Drink, and Be Married


After a year of planning, my wedding this past summer came and went in a whirl of laughter and happy tears. And a big sigh of relief. My wife Kristine and I did all the wedding decorating ourselves, from the flower arrangements to the design of the invitations, table gifts, and wedding programs. It was a lot of work, to say the least. read on

Free Pinterest Style Buttons


PInterest style buttons

Pinterest is a website that many designers and collectors have come to love. It is a website where a person can “pin” pictures of their favorite things onto “pinboards” and share it with others. Pinterest also has a fantastic design to go with its uniqueness. Today, I have created a free PSD file that contains Pinterest style buttons for use by anyone, free of charge. These are in the style of the login buttons found on the Pinterest login page. They are completely scalable and made entirely of shape layers and text. All you have to do is download the zip file and it’s yours.

Point Judith Compositions


I have been visiting Point Judith, Rhode Island since I was an infant and I return each summer with my family. Yes, it is known for the Block Island Ferry and great clam chowder shacks, but it’s also a true working fishing town. In fact, Point Judith is one of New England’s few remaining deep-sea fishing ports. Hulking vessels with names such as the Captain Bligh, Perseverence, and Stormy Elizabeth come and go, day and night, fishing for tuna, bass, cod, flounder, lobster, and scallops. While mooring their boats, the men throw their nets, floats, and equipment on the docks, unintentionally forming beautiful compositions of texture, color and pattern. I neither arranged nor art directed these photographs, just pointed my Nikon down and shot. To see a professional photographer’s take on this subject, visit Markam Starr’s timeless study “Endangered Species: The Commercial Fishermen of Point Judith.”  read on

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