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DIY Paper Masks for Halloween


Need a cheap costume idea for Halloween? Or just to wear around the office? Steve Wintercroft has designed three-dimensional masks with building instructions for you to download and create. The templates allow anyone to build their own masks from basic card stock. So on the next rainy day, get creative and make one of these fun masks. Check out my favorites after the break. read on

Fun at the Beach (no sunscreen required)


If you happen to be around Washington D.C. this summer, a new interactive installation titled, “The BEACH,” at the National Building Museum would be a fun way to spend the afternoon. Just remember to bring your pool floats!

The indoor “beach” was created by covering 10,000 square feet in nearly one million recyclable translucent plastic balls—along with white beach chairs and umbrellas for added seaside ambience. The museum invites visitors to “swim” through the sea of plastic spheres, read a book in lounge chairs at the “shore’s” edge, and grab refreshing drinks at the snack bar. The overall exhibit has a stark white minimalism that is brought to life through interaction. It was developed by Snarkitecture, a Brooklyn-based experimental studio.

View more photos: http://www.snarkitecture.com/projects/the-beach
Watch a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=71&v=K155wl-F1Aw
For more information: http://www.nbm.org/exhibitions-collections/exhibitions/the-beach.html

Photo credit: Noah Kalina

Famous Logos Drawn By Hand


The strong fumes of felt tip markers remind me of the countless hours I spent in college design classes drawing, redrawing, and re-redrawing fonts in an effort to learn the art of typography. When I saw the following video created by type designer Seb Lester, I was impressed at how effortlessly he was able to draw a series of famous logos with a variety of calligraphy pens. This was obviously a result of hours and hours of practice. Since nowadays the majority of logos are created using computer software, it’s neat to see a throwback to the craft of good ol’ pen and paper. Watch the video »

I’ll have a Coffee Crumb… Cup


Yep, that’s right. An edible coffee cup called a “Scof-ee Cup” is being tested by KFC in the UK (due to come out later this year). Similar to an ice cream cone, KFC is experimenting with cups made of a biscuit wrapped in sugar paper and lined with “heat resistant” white chocolate. As you drink, the chocolate lining melts over time, making your coffee a bit sweeter and softening the cookie to make it easier to eat.

So will this actually work? The idea of a tasty, eco-friendly cup, that could be used for coffee drinking sounds enticing, but it also brings up some interesting questions:

Will the cups really hold up? Or become too soggy before your last sip? (I’d hate to accidentally leave one on my desk and discover a puddle!)

How many extra calories will they be? (After all, I’m watching my figure.)

Will there be different flavors? (Mint Chocolate anyone? Wait, maybe Pumpkin Bread would be better.)

Are edible lids being developed? (Can’t have it spilling in my cup holder on the way to work.)

How about edible espresso shot glasses for after dinner? (Irish coffee!)

Seems like we’ll just have to wait and see. I hope the idea proves successful, because I’d love to try one.

Can You Guess the Rock Band?


I love well-crafted icons, and whether you are a rock music fan or not, this collection of pictograms by a Spain-based graphic design studio, Tata&Friends, is pretty awesome. Their “Rock Band Icons” are a collection of 24 minimalist designs that use band names that are illustrated into simple pictograms. read on

Finding Lost Type


Looking for some really nice fonts that won’t break the bank?

Check out the latest from Lost Type Co-Op. Founded by Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin, Lost Type has become an up-and-coming type foundry that distributes fonts from talented designers all over the world.

Their pay-what-you-want model allows you to donate before you download a font. You can even type in “$0” for a free download. But I strongly suggest a donation, since 100% of funds from these sales go directly to the designers of the fonts.

Dumb Ways to Die

I recently saw this funny (albeit slightly morbid) campaign video created by McCann Melbourne, for part of a Metro Train safety campaign. I can’t get the catchy song out of my head now!

Sand Castles and Dragon Skulls


So you’re strolling down the beach looking for seashells, when you look up to find a 40-foot long dragon skull sticking out of the sand in front of you. What a shock!

On July 15th, 2013, the residents of Charmouth Beach (famous for dinosaur fossils) in Dorset, England experienced just that. The skull was part of a PR stunt for the award-winning TV series, Game of Thrones. Photos of the giant skull soon spread and fans of the series loved it, which is exactly what the PR team at Blinkbox (a UK-based movie and TV streaming service) hoped would happen. “We wanted to mark the arrival of Season 3, Game of Thrones with a spectacle every bit as dramatic as this amazing series,” says Ben Ayers, of Blinkbox.

The enormous sculpture took two months to build and paint by three sculptors, and sits 9-feet tall on the shoreline for beachgoers to interact with. The perfect addition to any child’s sand castle!

Check out this short video about the skull: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP5gQJ6xJfE

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