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Your Name is Windows. Why Are You a Flag?

When Paula Scher was tasked with designing the identity for Microsoft’s Windows 8, she did what she’s so well known for: finding the simple and obvious solution. So, she took the flag and made it a window—reiterating the company’s originally intended metaphor for an individual’s experience at his/her computer. The straight lines and perspective of the new logo speak to the most up-to-date resolutions, displays, and speed. But does it fall a little, well, flat? Even the widely recognized red, green, blue, and yellow rectangles have been replaced with four rectangles of a single light blue color. Is it a missed opportunity, considering the dynamism and fun of Metro? Could be. But hey, maybe keeping the window divided into four quadrants was enough to tie it all together.

Georgia and Verdana Go Pro

After what seems like decades (in internet time anyway), two of the most prominently used web-safe fonts have finally expanded their families. Not only do Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro offer Light, Semibold, Black, and even condensed versions, but Webtype has also been so bold as to create Small Caps, oldstyle figures, and other OpenType options for web embedding (as has Font Bureau for print). So, if you like to stick to the classics, the days of trying to fit the entire typographic hierarchy of your website into two font weights are over.

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