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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Recently a friend sent me a video from a 2006 Ted Talk entitled “Tidying Up Art” by Ursus Wehrli. Organize, organize, organize, and simplify, simplify, simplify are a designers’ mantras. Mr. Wehrli takes these obsessions to the ultimate extreme. View the video when you have 17:38 minutes. It is really funny and it will not come as a surprise to anyone that the speaker is Swiss.

What is Kony 2012?


Last night my 16 year old son begged my husband and I to watch a short film on YouTube. Not knowing what to expect, I anticipated an adolescent home-made video of silly pranks. The film opens on a black screen with the sentence, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Kony 2012 was cued up, a moving documentary film and campaign by Invisible Children, a US organization focused on making Joseph Kony famous. I had never heard of Joseph Kony before and we watched a well-done film exposing Joseph Kony, a Ugandan war criminal and the leader of LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army, a cult-like militia). Invisible Children’s objective is to capture and stop Joseph Kony from kidnapping and using children as soldiers for the LRA. What Kony is doing is truly reprehensible and, unfortunately, invisible to most people outside of Africa. Hence their objective: to make Joseph Kony famous. It’s a huge undertaking that is masterfully done. As if the creation of a moving film wasn’t enough, the film is supported by a multi-platform campaign which includes: a website, action kit (encouraging individuals to participate), signage, posters, logos, and an active social media component. Take the 30 minutes and view Kony 2012 and help make this ruthless individual famous. Last night, when we watched this film it had 11 million views, this morning there are nearly 33 million views. After viewing the film I recommend visiting the Kony 2012 website.

Vermont Stained Glass

Everyone hates ice storms. Forget about driving somewhere to run an errand or making it to work. As a skier waking up to a thick coating of ice this weekend, I was pretty disappointed. It did not seem possible that anything good could come out of this day. Who would have thought, then, that my disappointment would be completely erased by the surreal beauty of the candy coated trees reflecting the vivid purples, blues, pinks, and magentas that filled the night’s shadows and the lights of the new Vermont day. And, as if beauty overcame beast, the skiing was better than expected!

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