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The Roycrofters

I am currently reading a very interesting book by Erik Larson called Dead Wake about the sinking of the Lusitania (a luxury passenger ship) by a German submarine during World War I. What’s so interesting about the book is that the author writes in the style of fiction, even though this is a true story about something that really happened. Erik Larson writes very intimately about every detail regarding the ship which sailed from NYC in May 1915 to Liverpool, England. He goes so far as to name many of the individuals that sailed that day (and I believe died, even though I haven’t gotten to that part of the novel yet). read on

Capturing Characters


Regardless of who you voted for in the presidential election, there is a certain illustrator out there who is able to capture the essence of the person. His name is Robert Carley—from Darien, Connecticut—who has been sketching presidents for many years.

A recent article in the Sunday Art & Style section of the Stamford Advocate showed several of his caricatures along with an explanation of how he goes about drawing his subjects. Robert says: “When I start a caricature, I don’t just start thinking about the subject’s features, I think about the person’s personality”. He starts with the eyes and relies on pictures he has saved for more than 25 years to capture candidates in unguarded moments.

“He likes to make people smile, not sneer.” A very lofty goal, especially during this Election of 2016!

The Rise and Fall of Tower Records

Before there was Napster, iPods, iTunes, Pandora or other digital forms of music, there was Tower Records. During the recent blizzard, I had the opportunity to watch a documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records, produced by Colin Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks. Most of the documentary consisted of interviews with the owner, Russ Solomon and various employees who started in Sacramento in the early days and worked their way up to become executives at the company. read on

Trends for 2014


With 2014 starting, it’s always interesting to see what the predictions are for the New Year. Be sure to check out Time Magazine’s January 13th issue, which calls attention to all the new happenings. The articles are accompanied by very cool, icon-style illustrations for each trend sector. Some exciting new things to watch out for in the New Year include:

Wishing you all the best for 2014 from your friends at Taylor Design!

Preserving Art History

Serge Clement and Marina Kamena Jar Memory

For my designer colleagues, especially those who are interested in packaging and labeling, I ran across an article in the Stamford Advocate regarding the new exhibit at Southport Galleries which is running through July 28th. Entitled “The Jar Memory Prints,” it showcases the work of Serge Clement and Marina Kamena from Westport. Their sole focus is in “preserving iconic works from the history of art by sealing each in a ubiquitous Mason jar”. Check it out at www.southportgalleries.com. Best of all, admission is free!

Images from the website of Serge Clement and Marina Kamena

You Say You Want a Devolution? Seen in Vanity Fair

When I opened up the January issue of Vanity Fair magazine, I noted with interest an article titled “You Say You Want a Devolution.” “The face of American culture used to change radically every decade or two,” writes Kurt Andersen, “but 1992 and 2012 look disturbingly alike.”  So, in light of Taylor Design’s 20th anniversary, I thought I would investigate. read on

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