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Coloring Music

THIS will keep you entertained and sidetracked from your work for a good while!

Real Estate, an indie pop band from Ridgewood, New Jersey, commissioned a video for their latest song, Stained Glass, which allows viewers to color in the line-drawn video as it plays. If their music isn’t your taste, just turn it down and get on coloring! It is so much fun. read on

Street Artists 101

You may think of the scribble scrabble on highway overpasses, abandoned buildings and train sidings when you hear the term “Street Art.” But street art is much more than tags made with cans of cheap hardware store spray paint. read on

Dry Town


“It’s a dry town /
No beer, no liquor for miles around /
I’d give a nickel for a sip or two to wash me down /
Outta this dry town.”

I’m not a huge Gillian Welch fan (though, admittedly, she is a very clever lyricist), but my father-in-law is, and he came across the video for the American singer-songwriter’s latest song, “Dry Town.” Using a few plastic dolls, some anthropomorphized shot glasses and nip bottles, plus Welch’s own toy ’71 Buick, animator Rachel Blumberg (a former drummer for The Decemberists and Bright Eyes) created a delightful, humorous animation using good, old fashioned stop motion to bring Welch’s musical storytelling to life in a really clever way. So, grab yourself a drink, and have a look and listen.

Underwater Exhibition

If you’ve exhausted all the museums you want to see on dry land, head to Europe with your scuba gear in tow. On February 25, El Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote opens off the coast of Spain in the Canary Islands. Here, you can visit an eerie sunken world 45-feet below the sea, populated by over 300 sculptures at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. read on

Abstract: The Art of Design

Design nerds, people who love design nerds and people who want to understand and appreciate design: Rejoice! In February, Netflix will introduce an original documentary series called Abstract: The Art of Design. The series will highlight eight of the most creative thinkers and imaginative minds working in the world of art and design today. It will cover graphic design, interior design, illustration, photography, architecture, automotive design, shoe design, and stage design. Each episode will take the viewer on an adventure through the designer’s creative process, explore their work, and discover how their innovative designs have affected our every day life. The first episode will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21st before premiering on Netflix February 10th. Tune in!

Museum to Myself


met3 met5met2

Imagine, for a moment, having the Metropolitan Museum of Art to yourself. Think Claudia and Jamie Kincaid from The Mix Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Twenty-two million square feet of space and over two million works of art for your perusal without any crowds, noise, or rushing around.

Guided by two expert curators, 20 people—myself and my husband included—had that unforgettable experience on a perfect NYC fall day in mid-October. We gathered in the grand entrance hall of the museum shortly before 8:30am, and spent the next hour and a half touring the museum before it opened its doors to the general public at 10:00am. read on

Identity Crisis


I love my alma mater. I will forever bleed SYRACUSE ORANGE. But for a major, well-known, long standing university, Syracuse has always had an identity crisis. Since it’s founding in 1870, the university has numerous logos, mascots and signature colors. read on

The Art of a Migraine



It starts as a nagging, pulsating sensation on one side of my head, usually between my temple and the eye on that side. Or, it could start in a shoulder and travel up my neck into my head. Sometimes, it could start across my entire forehead then migrate to one side of my head or the other. The pulsating intensifies and brings along stabbing pain in any or all of those locations. I visualize the pain of my migraines as someone stabbing me in the eye and temple with a screwdriver, then kicking me in the back of the head, followed by squeezing my head in a vice. The pain is accompanied by the sudden onset of an intense aversion to light, smells and sounds, and the overwhelming desire to vomit. At this point, I want to crawl into a soundproof, dark cave with a large ice pack and hibernate until the abortive medications kick in and it all ends. read on

Join Our Crew



Taylor Design is hiring! We’re looking for a talented, passionate, graphic designer to develop print, identity, and interactive communications for corporations, colleges, and regional businesses. As you may or may not know, we are a 12-person design studio based in downtown Stamford, CT. Brilliant ideas are formed and come to fruition in our second floor brick-and exposed-beam open concept loft space.

We’re a committed studio with high-level clients. We don’t offer day care, stock options, or a fitness center, but we do offer this: a low-key, team-oriented work environment that allows great work to happen. No agendas. No politics. We also respect that you probably have a life outside of the office.

We like tacos, margaritas, beer, Starbucks, sweet and salty snacks. U2. Adele. Alabama Shakes. Kendrick Lamar. Drake. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. New fonts. Swatch books. PMS chips. Clean code. MoMA. March Madness. Netflix. Books. Magazines. Travel. Snow. Dogs. Having a blast. Taking it all in. Sharing success.

Do you think you have the chops to join our crew? In addition to a bang up portfolio, we are looking for someone who is organized, meticulous, well spoken, and well written. Please send a link to your website, cover letter and resume to Dan, our President and Creative Director.

Ævintýri í Ísland



Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.00.09 PM

This April, one of my dreams came true. With one of my college roommates as my adventure partner, we boarded a (cleverly branded WOW Air) flight to Iceland. For the next seven days, we explored the southwest and south coast, covering 800 miles of this awe-inspiring north Atlantic island. read on

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