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Free Pinterest Style Buttons


PInterest style buttons

Pinterest is a website that many designers and collectors have come to love. It is a website where a person can “pin” pictures of their favorite things onto “pinboards” and share it with others. Pinterest also has a fantastic design to go with its uniqueness. Today, I have created a free PSD file that contains Pinterest style buttons for use by anyone, free of charge. These are in the style of the login buttons found on the Pinterest login page. They are completely scalable and made entirely of shape layers and text. All you have to do is download the zip file and it’s yours.

The Building of 24/7 Main


24/7 Main, the blog that Taylor Design built, is here at last. What started as a meeting with Dan Taylor over a year ago has become a reality. It was largely a group effort, but special thanks goes to John Rudolph, who was the mastermind behind the design, as well as Dan Taylor, for keeping the project chugging along. Despite the busy nature of Taylor Design, Dan allowed John and I the time to work on this lovely blog and get it done!

I would like to discuss the process and challenges that went into turning John’s vision into reality on the web. I’m mainly a front-end web developer, so my job was to write the code that initially shaped the blog’s “bones” (HTML5) and the “clothing” (CSS), and then after that was squared away, I also wrote the code that integrated the HTML5, CSS and Javascript into a customized WordPress installation that allows us to run everything neatly and efficiently.
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