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The Tops of Toppings!

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“Nutrient free and delicious” was probably the main reason why Fluffernutters were not in my elementary school lunch box. Fluff was, however, available at my friend’s house. There, I could slather a slice of white bread with Fluff in a nutritional value free zone. More than the gooey sweetness of Fluff, I loved the shape of the jar, the simple label design, the kitschy animated ads, and the peppy jingle.

Fluff is much more than a mid-century modern American icon—Fluff turned 100 this year. This means Fluff has withstood numerous societal changes since its introduction in 1917. “New” or “improved” has never appeared on its label. Inventor Archibald Query made $500.00 when he sold his recipe to two Massachusetts WWI veterans, Allen Durkee and Fred Mower. Upon their purchase, Durkee Mower made one genius change to “Toot Sweet Marshmallow Fluff,” which was to simplify the name to “Fluff.” The marketing of Fluff was also Durkee Mower’s genius. Fluff has become a legacy brand which has successfully withstood the test of time and taste.

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