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Plastics of the Sea

80 to 120 tons of plastic are fished out of the sea surrounding the Maldives by various organizations every month. That seems like a lot of garbage, but this initiative is tiny when compared to scientists’ calculations which estimates that 4.8 to 12.7 metric tons of plastic enter our seas annually. It sends a powerful message of hope and commitment.

Parley, a New York based environmental protection organization working with the government of the Maldives, is focused on balancing human economic activity with the fragile beauty of our oceans. Their mission is to inspire art and business leaders to design, develop, and produce ecologically minded goods made from fibers derived from reclaimed ocean plastic. Adidas signed on and introduced Adidas X Parley, a line of shoes and active wear made with ocean plastic fibers. Their meaningful tag lines cement a purposeful message: “From Threat to Thread” or “Spinning the Problem into a Solution.”

Most recently, fashion designer Stella McCartney, well known for her low impact stance on production, also entered into a partnership with Parley. When asked how these fibers would complement her luxury brand, she replied by saying “To take something that is destructive and turn it into something that’s sexy and cool, how can that not be luxury?”

For us not to acknowledge the example set by Parley or companies such as Adidas and Stella McCartney would be irresponsible and destructive for our future—now more than ever.

Source: The New York Times, June 6, 2017

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