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Bitmoji, Youmoji

People either love emojis or hate them. I personally do not like the animated ones that dance around when they are attached to an email. I find them very obnoxious. As we also know, attaching emojis to emails is not proper etiquette. However, sending them in text messages is something that we have all become quite accustom to. To date, there are 100s to choose from.

Today, there is an emoji out there that you can customize to be your very own. Bitmoji is an expressive cartoon avatar—your personal emoji—that you create to look just like YOU. It is actually a lot of fun and it is quite uncanny how they really do look like YOU. The Bitmoji app, released in November 2016, can be downloaded through the Apple App Store for the iPhone or Google Play for Android.

My daughters always laugh at how much my Bitmoji actually resembles me. First, you pick the shape of a face and skin tone. Next, you choose your hair color, length, type and style. Then you choose the eyes—color, shape, size, with or without glasses. Once you are done with all of the facial features you can dress yourself. The clothing is a lot of fun. You can even choose brand name attire from the likes of Forever 21, Steve Madden or Bergdorf Goodman. If you are a sports enthusiast, dress your Bitmoji your favorite team’s gear. When your Bitmoji is complete, you can text just about any message you want with an appropriately expressive emoji of yourself included. Wish someone a “happy” whatever. Tell someone you are sorry. Let your kids know you have landed at the airport, and so on. The app is constantly being updated with new scenarios for your digital likeness. Check it out!

** On the collage above, there are two Taylor Design employees. Can you guess who they are? **

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