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Flippy the Burger-flipping Robot

Manufacturing facilities often use robots to handle repetitive tasks, McDonalds has started using self ordering kiosks rather than human cashiers, and cars are becoming autonomous. Our robotic future is starting to become reality. Now, a restaurant in Pasadena, California, called CaliBurger, has employed a burger-flipping robot named Flippy.

Flippy is able to perfectly cook burger patties by the dozen or more. It can do more than just flip them too. Flippy can track each individual patty’s temperature, position, and cooking time. It will put the patties on buns and alert a human so they can add cheese and other toppings. The end result is perfectly cooked patties every time.

Our robotic future is inevitable. Restaurants, and many other jobs, will be able to be performed entirely by robots. I can’t wait for our lives to be made easier by modern robotics like Flippy.

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