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Underwater Exhibition

If you’ve exhausted all the museums you want to see on dry land, head to Europe with your scuba gear in tow. On February 25, El Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote opens off the coast of Spain in the Canary Islands. Here, you can visit an eerie sunken world 45-feet below the sea, populated by over 300 sculptures at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

This permanent underwater art exhibit is the work of British artist, diver and naturalist Jason deCaires Taylor. Museo Atlántico is his first installation in Europe, though he has two existing watery museums in the Caribbean Sea. Made from high-density, PH-neutral concrete without metals or other corrosive materials, the submerged work has no impact on the marine ecosystem. It actually transforms as the figures are colonized by marine life, turning into a breeding ground for local species in an area declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

“Over time, his sculptures change colors and become covered with coral and biological growth, eventually becoming home to new organisms as artificial reefs,” de Cairo Taylor’s site explains.

The permanent exhibit becomes “a tribute to those who succeed, but also to those whose dreams and hopes remain at the bottom of the sea.”

In addition to aiding sea life, deCaires Taylor’s sculptures have been created to draw attention to issues such as migration, climate change and conservation.

deCaires Taylor with his work pre-submersion

All photos by Jason deCairesTaylor/CACT Lanzarote

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