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Our Fears

You want to call for help or spread your own opinions, but no one can hear you, no one can help, and nothing will be changed.
—Lisk Feng, 26, New York City


Begun in the wake of the 2016 US Election, Our Fears is an online gallery for artists to voice and visualize their deepest anxieties, whether political, social, or personal.

Originally a feature in the The New York Times’ Opinion section and curated by art director Alexandra Zsigmond, this site was built to house a larger selection of the submissions that came from the initial call for entries.

The alienating feeling of being labeled because of your race, sexual orientation, disabilities, gender or religious beliefs. —Mike McQuade, 35, Chicago, IL


The scariest thing is having to face the other me.
—Sarah Mazzetti, 31, Bologna, Italy


My biggest fear is that the Pandora’s box of racism has been opened. —James Yang, 55, Brooklyn, NY


My worst fear is our shapeless future and the faceless companies that take advantage of others for their own benefit.
—Tommi Musturi, 41, Tampere, Finland


If there’s been a way to build it, there’ll be a way to destroy it.
—Ron Regé, Jr., 46, Los Angeles, CA

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