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Repelling the Bike Thief with Style

I started riding a road bike a few years ago, encouraged by my father who rides daily with his bike team in Florida. I typically only ride to and from work. But when my travels take me elsewhere, I am at a loss as to how to secure my bike. Conventional bike locks fall into two categories—the U-shaped lock, which is heavy and not long enough to attach to anything, or the cable lock, which is like trying to untangle a coiled snake. In last week’s New York Times design issue, an article featured a beautifully simple bike lock designed by Rinat Aruh of the design firm Aruliden. This lock is thicker and longer than most U-locks on the market, big enough to secure a front wheel and a bike frame to your average street level post. The inside of the lock is coated with silicone rubber to prevent scratching the frame. And it’s also very secure. Made of titanium-ion-plated steel, it has dual locking mechanisms that require a well equipped thief to cut through both sides in order to take the bike. If that weren’t enough, tamper-sensitive accelerometers will trigger a sonic alarm and alert your smartphone if someone starts stealing your ride. And if the thief manages to get away, a GPS chip embedded in the lock will lead the police right to it. Well done Rinat—a beautiful combination of form and function.

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