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8 Useful Sites for Finding the Perfect Fonts


As a designer, I’m always on the lookout for good resources to help select typefaces for upcoming branding, print, and web projects. Having a quick and easy way to find the perfect fonts can save a ton of time. And while online type-testers have improved a bit, viewing type samples set in “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” isn’t very useful when it comes to design. For me, seeing how a typeface performs in a real-world print application or on an actual website is much more useful. Many type foundries, font libraries, and blogs realized this need, and have made it easier for us to stay informed and keep our Pinterest pages filled. Check after the break to see some of my favorites.

1) Fonts in Use

Fonts In Use is a public archive of typography indexed by typeface, format, and industry. Well-organized and constantly updated, this is one of my favorites for finding nice font combinations.

2) Typewolf

Typewolf is a well-organized archive showing different web fonts in use and where to purchase them. I’ve found it extremely helpful when testing how various web fonts look in different browsers and at different sizes.

3) MyFonts

MyFonts is a huge site for purchasing fonts, as well as researching new fonts. Featured lists such as Hot New Fonts, Best Sellers, and What’s New can provide a quick rundown of fonts. And you can use their application, What the Font, to upload an image to figure out the name of a found font. It’s not perfect, but always worth try.

4) I Love Typography

I Love Typography is an excellent blog for those who want to learn about typography, type design and lettering. It covers all the latest fonts, type news, reviews, interviews and showcases of typographic design and related subjects, as well as educational pieces. Extremely helpful in order to stay up-to-date on the latest font news.

5) Typographica

Another good blog to check out. Typographica reviews typefaces and type books, with commentary on fonts and typographic design. It also publishes an annual compilation of the best typefaces from the past year.

6) Typekit

For those looking for web fonts, Typekit offers a large library of fonts, from classics to new favorites. The browsing interface is well organized. You can look through every font’s weight and style, and see multiple samples at all sizes against different colored backgrounds. They also have a nice blog.

7) Webtype

Like Typekit, Webtype provides high-end fonts for online typography. I personally like to check out the gallery section that showcases their fonts being used in real applications.

8) Google Fonts

Google Fonts is another good source for finding web fonts that are free to use. As you browse through the fonts you can narrow it down by category and by popularity. You can also preview and compare several fonts, which is very handy when you are trying to decide which font to use.

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