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Paper and Pencil


Stephen Wiltshire is an autistic British architectural artist, known for painting landscapes from memory—after seeing it just once. Born in London, as a child Stephen was mute and really didn’t relate to other people. His very first words were “paper” and “pencil” just like Picasso and he didn’t fully speak until the age of nine. Prior to that he communicated with the world through drawing.


At age seven, with interest and guidance from one of his teachers, Stephen’s artwork was entered in children’s art competitions, sparking a media frenzy. Because of his fame, Stephen received his first commission from the British prime minister to create a drawing of Salisbury Cathedral at eight years old. At the age of 13, he published his first book, Drawings.


Some of the legendary landscapes he has drawn include: the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building in New York City, along with cityscapes of Chicago and San Francisco, and a desert landscape of Arizona. He completed a drawing tour of Venice, Amsterdam, Leningrad, Moscow and Japan. More recently, he visited and drew landscapes from Sydney, Shanghai, Singapore, Istanbul and Houston, Texas. He also created a 20-foot canvas of his spiritual home, New York, during a five-day drawing marathon on live TV.


Most recently, Stephen just spent a week in Mexico City hosting an exhibition as well as a live drawing session in the heart of the capital.

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