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Twitch.tv Announces Twitch Prime


For over 4 years, I’ve enjoyed an entertainment website known as Twitch.tv. Twitch is a website for gamers to consume gaming related content—creative content such as costume making, game design, variety shows, coding, and even Social Eating. Gamers can either live stream their gameplay (or show) for an audience to watch on Twitch, or you can be one of the audience members and watch the live streamed content. Twitch offers streamers tools to interact with their audience to help them build a community. Viewers can chat with the streamer in real time while they are playing their games and also tip them money via paypal or Twitch’s own system called “cheering.” Lastly, if a Twitch streamer has enough of a viewership, they are asked to join the Twitch partnership program, which allows viewers to subscribe to the streamer’s channel for a monthly payment of $4.99. This offers the audience member various perks decided on by the streamer. Due to the monetary aspect of Twitch, many streamers stream as their full time job.

Just couple weeks ago, at TwitchCon (a convention for streamers and viewers to congregate) Twitch announced that Amazon has allowed their Amazon Prime benefits to roll over into Twitch.tv (Amazon owns Twitch). Gamers can now get free digital loot for their favorite games from Twitch, a special icon next to their name, and perhaps most importantly, allows the gamer to subscribe to one Twitch streamer of their choosing for free every month. The streamer still gets paid for the subscription, but it costs the viewer nothing as long as they are an Amazon Prime member.

The above is a clip from my favorite Twitch show, The Attack.

Being an Amazon Prime member myself, this news was very exciting. Not only do I get free game loot, I can also subscribe to a streamer I want to help support, for free! If you are a gamer and an Amazon Prime member, make sure you use those Twitch Prime benefits and support a streamer today!

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