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Has Kickstarting Gone Too Far?


Crowdfunding has become something somewhat normal over the past few years as sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become mainstream sites. Some truly amazing things have come out of kickstarter such as the Pebble smartwatch, the Reading Rainbow reboot, and a new Veronica Mars movie. This has caused a huge influx of crowd funded campaigns and some of the things being kickstarted these days are not exactly the most useful or remarkable things. I’m going to list a couple that have recently caught my attention and made me think, “has kickstarting gone too far?” Check out some of the most ridiculous projects I’ve found recently after the break.

The Licki Brush Just a warning. This is going to sound incredibly weird, but, someone has felt the need to invent a fake, spiked, silicone tongue that you hold in your mouth. The purpose of this giant silicone tongue? To “lick” your cat. Yes … you hold this bizarre invention in your mouth and “lick” your cat’s face and fur. They claim the idea came from the act of cats licking each other as a form of “social bonding.” So, OF COURSE this means a cat will bond with a human who licks them, right?! As far as I can tell from their kickstarter page, this isn’t backed by any sort of scientific research, so back the project at your own risk!

flatev – The Artisan Tortilla Maker The famous TV chef Alton Brown always says you should never have any “uni-taskers” in your kitchen. This means you shouldn’t have any device or tool that can only be used for one purpose. I firmly agree with this. Sadly, the flatev tortilla machine definitely fits in the uni-tasker category. This gigantic machine only makes tortillas. That’s it. Not only is the size of the machine ridiculous, but the only way to make tortillas with it is to load in a single use “pod” (like a Keurig coffee pod) that (again) only makes one tortilla. I’m not sure about you, but the whole single use pod market seems like a huge waste of our natural resources, and does nothing but pollute our environment with all the used pods loading up our landfills.

Knocki: Make Any Surface Smart Do you remember The Clapper? It was a device you plugged your lights or electronics into that would activate when you clapped your hands. Clap on! Clap off! Easy, right? Well, if you are like me, you thought this product was a bit ridiculous. Now, there is an even more obtrusive, “modern,” alternative to the clapper with a more ridiculous name! Knocki is a device bigger than a hockey puck that you attach to any surface to make it into a remote control for your smart devices. All you have to do is stick it on and program it. You then knock your knuckles against the surface the Knocki is stuck to to activate your smart products (such as a smart light bulb, tv and more). I could understand this thing if it was both tiny and cheap, but this thing is going to retail for $129 per Knocki (and I’m sure you’d want to have more than one surface act as a switch, so you’ll need to buy more than one) and it is also enormous.

Kickstarter can be a wonderful platform to raise capital for a product or idea that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of day, but now that “everyone” is doing it, we are starting to see some truly bizarre and pointless ideas take form. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be steering clear of Kickstarter and Indiegogo unless I’m just looking for a good laugh.

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