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8 1/2 Stories by Bonnie Siegler

8point5_3I had the pleasure of attending AIGA CT’s combined event: 8 1/2 Stories by Bonnie Siegler and Design Observer’s traveling exhibition of 50 Books | 50 Covers. Bonnie Siegler is the founder of 8 1/2 — a multi-disciplinary design studio—so she appropriately shared 8 1/2 stories paired with design mantras. Some of the mantras that stood out to me were: No. 1, Know Your Inspiration; No. 6, Convey Emotions; and No. 8 1/2, Persistence Pays Off. Her presentation was the perfect blend of inspiration, passion, and wit. She shared several projects with us including the National September 11 Memorial and Museum logo, Newsweek covers, and motion projects for The Criterion Collection. It was great to learn more about such an influential graphic designer’s process.

When asked if she had a favorite type of project to work on, she answered saying that it’s hard to choose between books and motion. She explained how she sees a book as an animation slowed down, each page acting as a frame. She pushed this metaphor further by explaining that books put the user in control, while motion gives the designer the ability to control exactly what the user sees. Immediately, a light bulb went off.

As graphic designers, we are constantly informed by different media. It’s really interesting to see just how much print informs digital work, and vice versa; or how much other objects from outside the graphic design realm inform our work. It’s really crucial to understand the importance of choosing one specific medium over another.

To learn more about Bonnie & her studio, visit here.

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