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The Tasting Economy


WarbyParkerI fear commitment in almost every aspect of my life. I prefer to order two appetizers rather than one entree. I go to the fitting room with 50 articles of clothing and come out empty-handed. If a book doesn’t have a summary on the back cover, it’s going straight back on the shelf. I need to have a teaser experience before I make any rash decisions on a new thing.

Online shopping is easy, convenient, and limitless in its offerings. But this endless aisle of choices that I can only experience with my eyes, on a screen, makes the commitment-phobe in me go a little crazy. I’m a glasses-wearer and I never once considered buying frames online. Afterall, choosing new frames is like choosing a new face. But just where I thought the internet came up short, Warby Parker proved me wrong. They have a trial system where you can select 5 frames from their online shop and they deliver you this tidy little sampling to test the frames, for free!

I would love to see this tasting economy—as I have decided to call it—take off in every market. Imagine if you could order 5 pairs of jeans in different sizes, without risk. Or if you could get free samples of filet mignon delivered to your door. The ability to order anything on earth at any time of the day has made us extremely selective (read: snobby) consumers. Soon, it won’t be enough to have the world at our iPhone fingertips. We will want every purchase to be customized to our individual needs, and we can’t have tailor-made belongings without first trying them on for size.

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