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Ramp Revamp: Historic Church Transformed into Skate Park


In the Spanish city of Llanera, sits a 100-year old church, that, up until the Spanish Civil War, was the spiritual gathering place to the northern city’s munition’s factory workers. After decades of abandonment, a local collective of skateboarders—appropriately named the Church Brigade—decided it was time to revamp this piece of history—albeit for a very different community. Now, fully packed with skateboarding ramps and rails, La Iglesia Skate (as it is now called) opened its doors on December 10, 2015 and is once again brimming with activity. But it is not just the new framework that draws people in—the interior of the church has been coated from head to toe in the colorful, geometric murals of Madrid street-artist Okuda San Miguel. The project is stunning.

Churches, of course, have always been with inextricably bound with art history, and this one reads just like a modern day Sistine Chapel. No doubt it will become a place of pilgrimage in Spain.

Want to keep tabs on the temple? Follow them on their Facebook page.




Image credits: okudartLa Iglesia Skate, Red Bull Media

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