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Artistic Roots


Taylor Design’s Stephanie Mullins Baumer certainly has them.

In June of this year, there was an article published in the Stamford Advocate honoring the 75th Anniversary of the Merritt Parkway (CT 15). The article centered attention on an artist who calls her collection of paintings “The Merritt’s Canopy.” As some of you may or may not know, each bridge on the Merritt is different—no two are alike. “In 1991, [The Merritt Parkway] was named to the National Register of Historic Places. Just two years later, it was honored as a State Scenic Road. By 1996, it was designated a National Scenic Byway by the federal Department of Transportation. And then, the National Trust for Historic Preservation placed it on its 2010 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.”

The artist who paints “The Merritt’s Canopy” was inspired by the architectural and decorative detail of each of the Merritt’s unique overpasses, so she did a lot of research in creating her amazing 30+ painting series. In celebration of the special anniversary and the artist’s work, the Westport Library hosted an exhibit of her paintings entitled: “Painting the Merritt: Cynthia Mullins Celebrates the Parkway.” Cynthia Mullins happens to be mom to our own talented Stephanie Mullins Baumer.

So Happy 75th Anniversary to the Merritt Parkway and cheers to Cynthia and Stephanie talents!

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