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What If Fonts Had Their Own Infographic?

Type Guide Infographic Teaser

If only this infographic had existed when poor Comic Sans was the font of choice for every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a computer. It could have prevented Comic Sans from overuse. Comic Sans was never right for wedding invitations or tombstones. People could have easily referenced the “What’s It Saying?” section within this infographic and recognized they were about to make a typographic faux pas. Or the “Oh God please don’t” message could have triggered something within their sensibilities and forced them to rethink their font selection. The result: history would have been kinder to poor Comic Sans.

In “Why Should You Care About Typography?” by Cliff Kuang, editor at Fast Company and Co.Design, Kuang confesses that he once considered typography to be in the same category as fashion. I surmise that his typographic enlightenment came through time and experience, rather than this inforgraphic. In the article, Kuang proclaims: “If only I’d known! If only I’d had this infographic!”

He must have learned that fonts matter the hard way.

Take a close look at this infographic and read a short confession from Cliff Kuang for some typographic enlightenment.

Type Guide Infographic

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