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Rockemon Go


If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, but are tired of searching for invisible characters on your phone, take a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In the same spirit of Pokemon Go and scavenger hunts, Aaron Zenz and his family painted over 1,000 rocks this past year as different characters—all with vibrant colors and personalities. They will be displaying 500 of the quirky characters in a massive display at Grand Rapids Children Museum, and then placing the other 500 around the city for you to find. The rocks will be stealthily tucked into random spots outside, and if you spot one, take a photo and tag it on their Instagram feed #RockAroundGR. read on

Crazy Good Campaign


Living in New York City in the early 80s, I was often jolted out of my mindless evening TV watching by an outrageous and wildly gesticulating electronics pitchman screaming “Shop around. Get the best prices you can find. Then go to Crazy Eddie and he’ll beat it! Crazy Eddie’s prices are Insaaaaaaane!!!” Who knew that all these years later, those commercials would still be talked about and universally considered advertising classics. Among New York metropolitan area consumers, Crazy Eddie at one point had better name recognition than Coca-Cola.

The lesson is simple—you don’t need huge budgets, à la Coke, to stand out in the marketplace. Instead a brand needs a creative, memorable, and distinctive voice, which can be created on a shoestring budget by a small team—as long as the players are smart, strategic, and highly talented. At its height, Crazy Eddie had 43 stores in the chain and earned more than $300 million in sales.

Years later, Eddie Antar, the founder of Crazy Eddie, got into trouble for understating income to avoid taxes and then committed securities fraud once he decided to go public (gotta love the stock symbol: CRZY). Antar served more than six years in prison and by 1989 the company declared bankruptcy and was liquidated.

Crazy Eddie passed away earlier this month in New Jersey at the age of 68.

Comic Simplicity




“When words do not work, there are comics.” This is what Kate Ryan, writer at Good magazine, wrote in reaction to climate change denial. Ryan is referencing Randall Munroe’s history of the planet comic timeline. From my perspective this is anything BUT comical or remotely funny. However, it is super simplified. It begins with the start of time and scrolls through thousands and thousands of years. From 20000 BCE where it is “still pretty cold” to the domestication of cattle, the Renaissance, concluding with present day and a 2100 projection. Take a look and shake your head in disbelief — there is no remaining space for denial. Please take a moment and scroll Munroe’s timeline.


Join Our Crew



Taylor Design is hiring! We’re looking for a talented, passionate, graphic designer to develop print, identity, and interactive communications for corporations, colleges, and regional businesses. As you may or may not know, we are a 12-person design studio based in downtown Stamford, CT. Brilliant ideas are formed and come to fruition in our second floor brick-and exposed-beam open concept loft space.

We’re a committed studio with high-level clients. We don’t offer day care, stock options, or a fitness center, but we do offer this: a low-key, team-oriented work environment that allows great work to happen. No agendas. No politics. We also respect that you probably have a life outside of the office.

We like tacos, margaritas, beer, Starbucks, sweet and salty snacks. U2. Adele. Alabama Shakes. Kendrick Lamar. Drake. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. New fonts. Swatch books. PMS chips. Clean code. MoMA. March Madness. Netflix. Books. Magazines. Travel. Snow. Dogs. Having a blast. Taking it all in. Sharing success.

Do you think you have the chops to join our crew? In addition to a bang up portfolio, we are looking for someone who is organized, meticulous, well spoken, and well written. Please send a link to your website, cover letter and resume to Dan, our President and Creative Director.

“Burners” Unite in the Desert


Since 2004, from the last Sunday in August to the first Monday in September, creative-types (aka “Burners”) interested in self-expression, have traveled to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to construct and perform art. “Burning Man,” is a theme-based festival with the primary objective of creating a temporary community of interactive sculpture, installations, architecture, art cars, and performances. In order to participate, all “Burning Man” works must be planned around a predetermined theme. This year “Da Vinci’s Workshop” was assembled and displayed for seven days. And as with tradition, this year’s finale was as spectacular as the event itself. On day seven, the entire community was burned to the ground. 360 days from now, “Burners” will reunite and do it all over again.



Swinging en Masse


Who doesn’t look fondly upon their childhood memories of swinging on playgrounds? Well, now you can relive that experience—with an upgrade. Nestled in the lawn next to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is a set of 20 oversized, glowing oval swings. Commissioned by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and designed by the husband and wife team Eric Howeler and Meejin Yoon of Howeler and Yoon Architecture, the installation was designed to be the first interactive space in Boston. By day, you can see the light and airy O-shaped swings and surrounding metal structure set upon the lawn, and by night the glowing swings hover about in the dark for a truly unique visual experience. Take a look here.

If you happen to swing on over, be prepared to wait in line; the installation has been pulling in masses in every age group from the community and beyond.

Bar Charts Matter


As a creator of infographics for many years, the power of charts can be undeniable. Good typography, smart use of color, and clear correlations of data can tell a story in an instant where words often take far longer.

One can only think back to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986. Using charts and diagrams, engineers desperately tried to persuade their superiors to postpone the launch due to the fact that O-rings that sealed the bottoms of the solid rocket boosters would fail in cold temperatures. They were ultimately overruled and the launch countdown proceeded as scheduled. On that unusually cold morning, the shuttle broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, instantly killing its seven crew members. Could better infographics saved that mission? Some—including data visualization legend Edward Tufte—argue that the engineers failed to communicate dangers because the data wasn’t presented in an easily digestible form.

I thought of the importance of data recently when I was visiting the website Politifact, a non-partisan website that fact-checks statements by politicians. I came across these two simple bar charts that rank presidential candidates’ statements from true to ‘pants on fire’ false. The results show an almost inverse relationship.

Ævintýri í Ísland



Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.00.09 PM

This April, one of my dreams came true. With one of my college roommates as my adventure partner, we boarded a (cleverly branded WOW Air) flight to Iceland. For the next seven days, we explored the southwest and south coast, covering 800 miles of this awe-inspiring north Atlantic island. read on

Coffee on Tap



Ever fantasize about having a never-ending stream of hot coffee pouring out right from your office desk? Well, now you can have it—and control it with your phone no less. All for the affordable (ahem) price of $11,000, TopBrewer has come out with a coffee tap system that allows you to order your drink (type, size, amount of milk, etc.) from an app, walk over—or reach out—and start sipping. read on

This is NOT a Frog.


Italian self-taught artist Johannes Stötter takes camouflage and body paint to a whole new level. What you see above looks like a beautiful photograph of a colorful frog on a verdant leaf. However, it is actually five people meticulously painted and positioned by Stötter to look exactly like the frog. read on

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